Geoffrey loved the NY Giants, that was his life. He had season tickets with his dad and they went away to one game a year, just them two. He loved playing football but had to stop in 7th grade, he played soccer but football was his love. We lived in Jackson Heights, Queens from 1993 to 2005, then moved to Commack where Geoffrey attended Our Lady of Fatima from grades 7-11. Geoffrey was going into senior year when he passed.

Geoffrey’s other love was snowboarding. We took a family trip every year from 2000- 2010 for a week in February, going snowboarding and skiing. He also loved the Rangers and although he never played, he always went to his brother’s hockey games.

Geoffrey was a kid with a big heart, always making funny faces in photos. He was a trouble maker, as a small kid he used to bite kids and pull his friends hair. He would get in trouble in school all the time. When he passed, the funeral home told us we can’t take any more flowers so we started a fundraiser, the idea being to keep his name alive. We give scholarships to Commack High School kids. Their grade averages don’t matter since Geoffrey was just a c student. We have given out about $10,000 in funds we also give to PAL ice hockey for kids that can’t afford to play. Geoffrey loved his name, it was his uncles, grandfathers and great grandfathers. He loved that it was spelled different. He was proud of that name and proud to be 1/2 Irish, 1/2 Cuban, but American. Geoffrey loved when his dad was at games and people did not take off their hats for the national anthem. His dad went crazy yelling at them to take off their hats. His favorite player was always Derek Jeter, he loved him the way he played the game. Geoffrey and his dad had Yankee season tickets for 3 years and went together to many games. He played baseball as a kid until age 14 and also played intramural basketball in Commack with kids from his school. He loved playing chess with his uncles, and Geoffrey loved his mother more than anything in this world!